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Hiroshi M. Sasaki, Ph.D.
Voice Mail: (562) 999-1555
New clients, please call (714) 898-0362
Works in: Long Beach, Los Alamitos



PhD, Counseling Psychology, APA Accredited Program
Dual cognate specialties in Multicultural Counseling and Geropsychology, 05/08
Dissertation title: “A Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Stereotype Automaticity in Therapist-Trainees: Pilot Study in Implicit Multicultural Social Cognition”

MSEd, Counseling Psychology, APA Accredited Program, 05/05


BA, English, 06/90


CLINICAL EXPERIENCE as a licensed psychologist


05/13-Present  THE RELATIONAL CENTER, Los Angeles. Clinical Supervisor. Providing weekly pro bono audio, video, and live individual supervision to an MFT practicum trainee.


03/11-Present  ASSOCIATED THERAPISTS, Los Alamitos & Long Beach. Professional Associate: Providing evidence-based individual, couples (Emotionally Focused Therapy), and family therapy for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults, in English and Japanese. Specializing in “third-wave” behavioral (DBT, ACT, MBCT/MBSR, ICT) and experiential (TLDP, EFT) evidence-based therapies.


05/11-08/12  FAMILY SERVICE OF LONG BEACH. Contract Psychologist & Clinical Supervisor: Providing evidence-based individual, couples (Emotionally Focused Therapy), group (Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills), and family therapy for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Supervising psychology interns in evidence-based & person-centered individual and family therapy; and offering didactics and trainings. 08/11-04/12, Coordinator of Research & Development: Coordinating and aggregating psychotherapy outcomes research; and developing collaborative mental healthcare delivery with private, non-profit, and public agencies. 04/12–08/12, Interim Training Coordinator: Coordinating the doctoral internship program, providing weekly individual and group supervision to 8 practicum students and interns; providing didactics and trainings with a focus upon ethics, professionalism, interpersonal dynamics, and motivational interviewing, while attending to honing supervisees’ theoretical orientation.




06/09-08/10            FAMILY SERVICE OF LONG BEACH. Post-Doctoral Registered Psychologist: In a community counseling center setting, provided client-centered intakes; outpatient psychotherapy with individuals, couples (Emotionally Focused Therapy), families, and groups (Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training) with audio- and video-supervision. Also provided school-based group and individual child and adolescent counseling. Offered didactics and trainings to MFT, MSW, and Psychology trainees in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for graduate student writer’s block, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills training, mindful interventions for children, and Scott D. Miller’s “supershrink” outcomes and session rating scales.


02/08-05/08                       KEDREN COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, Adult Outpatient Unit,

           Los Angeles. Pro Bono Program Consultant: Provided staff trainings, didactics, and program-centered case consultation regarding the adult outpatient Dialectical Behavior Therapy program for self-harming adult out-patients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.


07/06-01/08           CHILDRENS HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES – University of Southern California

           University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), Child and Family Outpatient Mental Health Clinic; Division of Adolescent Medicine specialty rotation. APA Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern: Conducted child/adolescent, parent/collateral, and family therapy; crisis intervention; and intake evaluations with an ethnically diverse, low-income population: clinical training included family systems, behavioral, and play therapy interventions for children, as well as interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral therapy with adolescents.  Conducted comprehensive psychodiagnostic assessments for children aged 5-13 with a variety of referral questions: administrated standardized measures, performed school observations, collaborated with school personnel, synthesized data into formal reports, provided assessment feedback to parents and providers, and attended IEP meetings as needed. Completed Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disability (LEND) training program.


06/05-05/06   KEDREN COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, Adult Outpatient Unit, 

           Los Angeles. Psychology Extern: Through initial consultation with the Harbor-UCLA Adult Outpatient Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program, coordinated the creation of a (still ongoing) DBT program for self-harming adult outpatients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.  Provided staff trainings, performed assessment screenings, and co-facilitated the DBT Skills Group. 


05/04-05/05   TINGSTAD OLDER ADULT COUNSELING CENTER, University of Southern

           California. Psychology Extern: Co-facilitated the Caregiver Support Group in collaboration with the Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center, performed assessments and provided individual psychotherapy for older adults, with audio-recorded supervision. 


10/04-12/04   UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Rossier School of Education.

           Practicum Supervisor: Provided group supervision to two groups of first-year pre-practicum Masters students, with audio-recorded supervision.


09/04-05/05   STUDENT COUNSELING CENTER, University of Southern California.

           Extern group co-facilitator: Living Zen and Wellness Group--provided mindful yoga instruction to complement mindfulness meditation training, Fall and Spring semesters.  Solutions and Strategies: Substance Abuse Support Group--offered solution-focused alcohol/substance abuse harm reduction, Spring semester. 


10/03-04/05   UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Asian Pacific American Student

           Services, PEER (Positive Experiences, Enriching Relationships) Mentoring Program.

           Supervisor:  Provided weekly group supervision to peer mentors; offered trainings in Asian Pacific American (APA) health and mental health, APA identity development, and reflective listening and counseling micro-skills.


08/03-05/04   STUDENT COUNSELING CENTER, University of Southern California

           Practicum trainee: Provided brief psychodynamic individual psychotherapy to undergraduate and graduate students, with audio- and video-recorded supervision. 

           Rebekah Smart, PhD, and Shing-Shiong Chang, PhD, licensed psychologists, clinical supervisors. 


09/03-12/03   KEDREN COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, Adult Outpatient Unit,

           Los Angeles. Practicum trainee: Performed assessments of personality, cognitive functioning, and malingering. 


05/02-08/03   FAMILY SERVICE OF LONG BEACH, Long Beach, California.

           Practicum trainee: Provided individual, couples, conjoint family, and play therapy, with audio-recorded supervision.  Lead Counselor, I-CAN (Intervention, Counseling, Academic tutoring/mentoring, and Neighborhood support) project for gang diversion (in collaboration with Dept. of Probation, Richstone Family Center, and the Buffum-Downtown YMCA of Long Beach), October 2002-June 2003: coordinated continuity of care and provided individual and group therapy with (primarily second-generation Cambodian-American) teens on probation; facilitated Khmer Parents Group (with interpreter). 


01/02-05/02   KEDREN COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, Adult Outpatient Unit,

           Los Angeles. Practicum student (EDCO 640): Provided individual therapy with video-recorded supervision. 




08/12-Present             UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST, Rosemead, CA. Assistant Professor of Psychology. For the 2012-2013 academic year: Undergraduate courses: PSYCH 210, Eastern & Western Perspectives on Cognitive Psychology; PSYCH 300, Research Design & Data Analysis in Psychology; PSYCH 455, Buddhist & Scientific Approaches to Mind (Independent Study); PSYCH 495, Eastern & Western Perspectives on Contemporary Issues in Psychology & Counseling (senior capstone course). Marriage Family Therapy masters courses: PSYCH 502, Professional Seminar in Multicultural/Buddhist MFT; PSYCH 532, Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling & Psychology; PSYCH 536, Marriage/Couples & Family Counseling I; PSYCH 533, Counseling of Multicultural Groups.


01/08-08/12  UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Rossier School of Education, Masters Program. Adjunct Associate Professor. Core first-year Marriage Family Therapy courses: EDUC 515, Theories of Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, Spring semesters 2008-12; EDUC 507, Professional Identity, Law and Ethics for Counselors, Summer sessions 2008-12; EDUC 583, Counseling Through the Life-Span, Fall semester 2008-2011; EDUC 635, Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents, Summer 2009 & Spring 2010. Pupil Personnel Services (School Counseling) courses: EDUC 500, The Counseling Process, Fall 2010.


09/03-12/05         UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Rossier School of Education.

           Teaching Assistant to Ruth Chung, PhD: EDCO 324: Asian American Psychology, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2004, and Fall 2005.  EDCO 102: Human Diversity: People, Power, and Politics, Spring 2004 and Spring 2005.  Graded papers and exams, facilitated discussion sections, and provided lectures on plagiarism and effective research citation; Asian values; LGBT issues for Asian Americans; the Model Minority myth, implicit stereotyping and internalized racism; hapa or bi‑/multiracial issues; and implicit racism, sexism, and heterosexism.



           Writing Center Consultant: Offered one-on-one tutoring and computer lab consultation (’91-’92). Assistant Lecturer (’91-’92), Adjunct Lecturer (’94-’97): Organized and taught ten semester-length sections of a required year-long undergraduate course in composition, including English composition for non-native speakers.




06/13-Present  UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST, Rosemead, CA. Chair, Psychology Department.


06/13-present ASSOCIATION FOR HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, Board Secretary. Executive Editor of the AHP magazine, Perspective.


01/13-Present  UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST, Rosemead, CA. Secretary, Academic Senate. Committee Member: University Cabinet, Student Early Alert System.


8/12-Present  UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST, Rosemead, CA. Faculty Advisor, Psychology Club. Committee Member: Faculty Research Funding Committee, Teaching/Research Assistantship Committee, Academic Policy & Planning Committee.


07/12-05/13  ASSOCIATION FOR HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, Board Member-at-Large. Co-organizer and host of the AHP 3-day winter conference, Phoenix Rising, at USC, February 22-24, 2013.


01/09-05/12  UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Rossier School of Education, Marriage Family Therapy masters program. Member, Admissions Committee.




Abreu, J. M., and Sasaki, H. M.  (2004). Physical and mental health concerns of Latinos. In D. R. Atkinson (Ed.), Counseling American Minorities (6th ed., pp. 300-316).  Boston: McGraw-Hill.




Multicultural counseling; implicit social cognition; interventions for unintentional prejudice; mindfulness and self-compassion based interventions; therapist training/supervision; interventions for at-risk youth; therapy outcomes, efficacy, and expertise.




Sasaki, H.M. Everything I wish I could tell myself at the beginning of my EFT journey: Self-compassion and Emotionally Focused Therapist identity development. (Reworked & retitled). Invited workshop presentation to Lisa Ruderman, MFT’s Irvine EFT Advanced Core Skills Training; the San Diego Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy, March 2013 (2 CE hours); Lisa Palmer-Olsen’s San Diego Core Skills, March 2013, and Boulder Core Skills (via Skype) April 2013.


Sasaki, H.M. Values, virtues, & intentional training: Best practices in developing expertise beyond the degree. Invited presentation to the Orange County CAMFT 3000 Club, January 2013.


Sasaki, H.M. The leading edge of self-compassion: Reflections on Emotionally Focused Therapist identity development. Invited presentation to the Los Angeles Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy, October 2012 (1.5 CE hours); to the Orange County Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy, January 2013; and Lisa Palmer-Olsen’s Arizona EFT Advanced Core Skills Training (via Skype), March 2013.


Sasaki, H. M., Shigeno, J., and Shore, K. Mindfulness, culture, & Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples: Paying attention to multi-layered, moment-to-moment interactions. Association for Humanistic Psychology, Spring 2012 conference, 1.5 CE hours, March 2012


Sasaki, H. M. Dialectical Behavior Therapy and clinical supervision: An evidence-based approach to training, case consultation, and service delivery. Training for ASPIRAnet clinical supervisors, 6 CE hours, December 2011.


Sasaki, H. M. Mindfulness practice for leadership and self-management. Invited training presentations, USC Marshall Graduate School of Business, December 2008; November 2010.


Sasaki, H. M. Honing your classroom management style.  Invited training presentation to Long Beach City College English Department faculty, 2 hours, February 2010.


Sasaki, H. M. Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Invited training presentation, 3 CE hours, Kedren Community Mental Health Clinic and Acute Psychiatric Hospital, March 2008.


Sasaki, H. M. A primer on Asian American psychology.  Invited presentation, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Division of Adolescent Medicine Grand Rounds, October 2006.


Chung, R. H., Yang, J., Choo, B., Kim, H., Bae, S., Wei, S.-T., and Sasaki, H. M. Parenting style and intergenerational conflict in Asian and Asian American families.  Paper presented to the American Psychological Association, August 2005.


Sasaki, H. M. Interventions for stereotype automaticity: Multicultural counseling competency versus implicit attitudes. Paper presented to the American Psychological Association, August 2002.


Sasaki, H. M. and Mayfield, M. Curbing juvenile recidivism: Group treatment protocols for a neglected population. Paper presented to the Western Psychological Association, May 2001.




06/00-01/01               KERN CROSSROADS FACILITY MENTAL HEALTH UNIT, Kern County

           Department of Probation, Bakersfield, California. Volunteer Mental Health Counselor and Group Facilitator: Designed, coordinated, and co-facilitated a (still ongoing) relapse management and furlough success program for recidivist juvenile offenders in custodial treatment.


5/98-8/99  COVENANT HOUSE CALIFORNIA, Hollywood, California. Group Facilitator, Covenant House Addiction and Abuse Management Project (full-time): Provided curriculum development and facilitation for all day groups, including goals, process, substance abuse education, harm reduction, recreation, life skills, and recovery; supervised Twelve Step outings and hosted in-house Crystal Methamphetamine Anonymous (CMA) meetings; developed and coordinated token economy system; created and maintained digital client record-keeping system. 


8/97-5/98         COVENANT HOUSE CALIFORNIA, Hollywood, California

           Day Resident Advisor, Crisis Shelter (full-time): Performed all levels of front-line direct care and resident supervision, including intake, counseling, crisis intervention, group development and facilitation, and back-up case management.




Acceptance and Commitment in Psychotherapy. Steven Hayes, PhD, Institute for the Advancement for Human Behavior, Newport Beach, Nov/Dec 2012; 12 CE hours.


Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples: Advanced core skills. Lisa Palmer-Olsen & Jim Furrow, Fuller Theological Seminary, August/October/November 2011, March/May 2012, 60 CE hours.


Mindfulness, healing, and the neurobiology of love. Jack Kornfield & Daniel Siegel, UCLA Lifespan Learning Institute, November 2011, 13 CE hours.


Reconsidering trauma: Treatment advances, relational issues and mindfulness in Integrated Trauma Therapy. John Briere, Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior, Agoura Hills, CA, February 2010, 12 CE hours.


Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. Sue Johnson & Scott Woolley, San Diego, CA, January 2010, 30 CE hours. Emotionally Focused Therapy Summit, San Diego, California, January 2010, 13 CE hours.


Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, Anaheim, CA, December 2009, 38 CE hours; highlights include workshops with Marsha Linehan, Dan Siegel, Scott D. Miller, and Violet Oaklander.




University of the West Faculty Research Grant, Spring 2013

High Honors Distinction designation for pre-doctoral qualifying examinations, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California, February 2005

National Charity League Scholarship, Fall 2003 and Spring 2004

Wang Endowed Scholarship Fund, Spring 2003

Intern of the Year Award, Family Service of Long Beach, February 2003




American Psychological Association

Asian American Psychological Association

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Association for Humanistic Psychology – Lifetime Member

Association for Psychological Science

California Psychological Association

International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy – Lifetime Member

Los Angeles Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy

Orange County Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy


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