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Farah Masoumi,LCSW
Voice Mail: 562-726-2446
New clients, please call (714) 898-0362
Works in: Long Beach

More than 11 years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker and Mental Health Clinical Supervisor for Children and Adolescent; provide direct and indirect client care, psychotherapeutic services to clients and families; serve as a member of the interdisciplinary team supporting the treatment program; serve as the primary liaison between the facility and outside agencies.

Supervise and coordinate multidisciplinary and ancillary support staff in the provision of mental health services to clients. Train, instruct, and evaluate social workers, and make work assignments. Train on Family Functional Therapy (FFT) which is a clinical model for working with at risk adolescents and their families.

Had training and working experience on Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). Certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Developed and taught seminar and a class on “Healing from Childhood Trauma”, self-awareness, and personal growth called “Mindfulness.”

Eight years of knowledge and experience in Mental Health working with individuals and families, providing play therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. Over five years of experience helping children and families during and after the war between Iran and Iraq. Also, worked in an underdeveloped area with a non-profit organization in Iran.

Professionally grew from the experience of working with children, families, and professionals within community agencies. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Experience developing and implementing programs and group activities for children of all ages.

Fluent in Farsi.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Master in Social Welfare, University of California,
Los Angeles (UCLA), June 2004
Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Study (Honors)
California State University, Fullerton, May 2001 

Associated Therapists, Inc. June 2016 - Present
Part-Time Position/Licensed Social Worker,

Prepares in-depth diagnostic evaluations, service plans, and psychosocial assessments.
Provides culturally sensitive services to clients and their families, including consumers who speak Farsi.
Provides mental health services and case management related activities to children, adolescents, families, adults, & seniors.
Provides evidence based Functional Family Therapy (FFT).
Certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and a member of Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Provides evidence based Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavior Therapy for children and adolescents.
EMDR Certified Therapist.

Long Beach Child & Adolescent Program April 2012- Present
Full-Time Position / Licensed Social Worker,
Mental Health Clinical Supervisor

Communicating program, administrative, and clinical direction to subordinate staff
Discussing problem cases with workers and makes suggestions and recommendations
Reviewing case records for completeness, consistency, and quality of mental health services provided including application of proper techniques; ensures compliance with state and federal mandates
Consulting with individual workers to promote staff development and to suggest solutions to problem cases.
Acting supervisor for Family Functional Therapy (FFT)
Providing weekly clinical supervision for intern.
Providing in service training as needed for the clinic.
Developing and implementing evidence base practices through FFT, CBT, & TF-CBT.
Providing clinical consultant for group and individuals.
Acting as LPS designee.
Providing crisis intervention for clients as required.
Conducting Bio-Psycho Social assessment.
Diagnosing and developing treatment plan with individual and families.
Providing clinical intervention in individual and family therapy sessions.
Conducting strength base group therapy.
Participating in case conferences, staff meetings, clinical forum, and meetings with other agencies such as DCFS, probation, and schools.
Organizing annual holiday community event for clients and families.
Identifying and connecting different resources to the clinic.
Assessing and providing targeted case management services.

Long Beach Child & Adolescent Program July 2005-March 2012
Full-Time Position / Licensed Social Worker,
Psychiatric Social Work II

Manages a full caseload of emotionally disturbed children and their families that meet medical necessity for treatment.
Prepares in-depth diagnostic evaluations, service plans, and psychosocial assessments.
Serves as Officer of the Day, providing crisis intervention services as needed.
Provides an LPS designate authorized to write hospitalization holds.
Provides culturally sensitive services to clients and their families, including consumers who speak Farsi.
Provides evidence based Functional Family Therapy (FFT).
Acts as the senior lead clinician to the FFT Team and has transitioned to the FFT site supervisor position.
Provides mental health services (in addition to FFT) and case management related activities to children, adolescents, and their families.
Developes and implements Leadership group for adolescents.
Is a Field Supervisor to at least one MSW Intern per school year.

ACCESS Center January 2009 – July 2011
Part time position / Licensed Social Worker
Psychiatric Social Work II
Responding to crisis phone calls.
Evaluating the level of care needed.
Developing treatment plan and consult with multidisciplinary team.
Collaborating with emergency response teams such as LAPD, PMRT, SMART, or START.
Facilitating emergency transportation.
Liaison with community hospitals and emergency rooms in order to provide necessary care to clients.
Following up to ensure clients well-being and care.
Reviewing and implementing procedure on an ongoing bases.

Los Alamitos Hospital/Gerontology Psych Unite May 05 - July 05
Full-Time Position / Social Worker, Case Manager

Participates in multi-disciplinary team to review client cases, treatment approaches, psychosocial issues, client progress, and treatment recommendations; and to prepare and present progress reports.
Participates in the development of individual and group treatment plans designed to address mental, emotional, and family disorders and dysfunction.
Provides ongoing psychosocial clinical assessment, treatment planning and psychosocial treatment for clients and families.
Performs intensive casework services with adult clients and their relatives through individual and group sessions.
Prepares and maintains psychosocial case histories for use in diagnostic evaluations and to record client treatment progress.

Orange Coast College Sept. 2005 – Dec. 2005
Part-Time Faculty
Developed a curriculum and syllabus for a seminar on “Healing from Childhood Trauma” and taught one semester.

El Nido Family Center, Carson, Ca. Sept. 2003 – June 2004
Intern / Social Worker
Promoted the healthy social and emotional development of children and youth-at-risk in the context of their families and their communities.
Concerned with the wellbeing of children and youth from all ethnic group, and underserved communities with therapeutic counseling, prevention education, referral and support services, and other outreach services.
Recognized the effect of culture on behavior and parenting and help families improve their care of children within their own cultural context.
Learned more and practice play therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.
Understood and interpret many clues to the underlying situation that the client presents through his/her behavior and conversation.
Able to differentiate my own feelings, values, attitudes, and behavior from that of others, as they impact the treatment process.

Rio Hondo Community Mental Health, Lakewood, Ca. Sept. 2002 – June 2003
Intern / Social Worker, Case Manager
Mental Health counselor with individuals, and couples
Able to diagnosis with DSMIV – TR and conduct counseling with individuals and couples.
Assisted with the process of SSI, and improved services to client’s living in Residential Care facilities.
Shared knowledge and information appropriately with other professional team members, and identified the client’s presenting problems.
Continually assessed client’s progress in relation to intervention goals and revised treatment plan
Able to complete a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment.
As a case manager, considered the seriously mentally ill individual needs of the client and family, based on stated goals, and worked in partnership to provide services in the most effective and responsive manner.
Provided services which included assistance with daily living skills.
Linkage and referral to other human services.
Support in obtaining necessary life needs, including employment, medical, and dental care, and counseling.

Center for Young Children, Tehran, Iran March 1987 – Feb. 1993
Social Worker

Identified children and families’ concerns, considered effective solution, and found reliable resources.
Arranged services and assistance for children who lost their parents during the war to specialists in services, such as counseling, public assistance, or drug rehabilitation.
Visited clients on a regular basis, and provided support during crisis.
Assisted families who face a social problem, such as unemployment, lack of skills, financial distress, serious illness or disability, substance abuse, or antisocial behavior.
Assisted families that have serious domestic conflicts, including those involving child or spousal abuse. 

New clients, please call office number. Do not call therapist.
Administrative information needs to be gathered before scheduling.
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