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Providing administrative support to a group of independent Mental Health private practitioners located in Southern California

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Scott Hoxby, M.A., M.F.T., CADC-II
Voice Mail: (714) 647-7577
New clients, please call (714) 898-0362

Works in: Long Beach



California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Lic. # 49029


California Board Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC-II #A4110710)


National University, Los Angeles, CA

California Teaching Credential (B-Clad Title-1), Grades 7-12, History, July 2005


Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, CA

Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, August 2003

BBS Registered Intern Number # 44281


Fordham University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts in History, Dean’s list





Professional Associate with Associated Therapists, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA                             09/01/2012-Present


Private Practice: (Offices in Long Beach and W. LA:                12/10/2010-Present            

Saban Free Clinic, Los Angeles, CA

8405 Beverly Blvd., La., CA 90048                                                      Internship                             03/02/2006-08/30/2010

                                                                                                                 Employee                               06/04/2012-Present

MFT Substance Abuse Counselor

Provide individual, child, couples and family therapy to a culturally diverse population in order to stabilize the clients and enhance insights and personal growth

·         Assess, diagnose and create treatment plans to help my clients maintain a drug and alcohol free life utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with Motivational Enhancement Interviewing, Substance Abuse  Groups and 12-Step Interventions

·         Perform initial assessments ,intakes and diagnose and create goals and treatment plans with chronically mentally ill clients who are part of the DMH Full Service Partnership

·         Maintain excellent documentation in order to meet Department of Mental Health and Department of Child and Family Services requirements in submitting the necessary documentation on a diverse client caseload in a legal ethical and timely manner

·         Facilitate group therapy with the following populations: Gay Men( 18-up), Men (18-up), Domestic Violence Perpetrators and Actors  


Le Conte Middle School, Hollywood, CA                                    Internship                                                             02/04-12/08

1316 N. Bronson Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028


MFT and Substance Abuse Counselor

·         Provide individual therapy to culturally diverse, high-risk adolescent populations and their families to modify student performance and behavior when applicable

·         Design behavioral interventions that include lifestyle enhancements, appropriate social interactions, self-management and coping skills

·         Facilitate group counseling utilizing crisis intervention to help students cope with pressures within their lives

·         Complete psychological assessments and report writing in order to implement a particular intervention and to track a client’s progress

·         Create individual treatment in order to set realistic therapeutic goals

·         Facilitate case management, working closely with teachers and parents in order to work as a cohesive unit in helping  the client

·         Educate students on gangs in order to help them make healthy choices and avoid peer pressure


Hollywood Wilshire YMCA Counseling Center,                  Internship                                                             01/04-02/06

1553 N. Schrader Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028


MFT and Substance Abuse Counselor

·         Assess, diagnose and create treatment plans to help my clients maintain a drug and alcohol free life utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with Motivational Enhancement Interviewing, Substance Abuse  Groups and 12-Step Interventions

·         Provided long-term psychotherapy using a variety of clinical interventions in order to foster self awareness and emotional health

·         Completed psychological assessments and report writing to track the client’s progress

·         Counseled adolescent clients on coping skills to deal with stressful environmental factors

·         Performed short and long term therapy to an adolescent high risk population in order to modify inappropriate behaviors 

·         Made outside referrals when applicable and worked with psychiatrists and MD’s when necessary to coordinate treatment plans

·         Attended weekly supervision and clinical training sessions and presented cases relevant to the subject


Tarzana Treatment Center, Tarzana, CA                                          Trainee                                                    10/02-09/03

Tarzana Treatment Centers, 18646 Oxnard Street
Tarzana, CA 91356


MFT and Substance Abuse Counselor

·         Assess, diagnose and create treatment plans to help my clients maintain a drug and alcohol free life utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with Motivational Enhancement Interviewing, Substance Abuse  Groups and 12-Step Interventions

·         Provided adult individual, couples, and family therapy to a diverse population dealing with substance abuse issues in an outpatient clinical setting to facilitate recovery for the addict and family

·         Created and conducted presentations to educate clients and their families

·         Designed individual treatment plans using twelve-step, cognitive-behavioral, motivational enhancement and psychodynamic interventions to facilitate clients recovery

·         Conducted group with dual-diagnosed patients in order to help them understand compliance and acceptance to their diagnosis

·         Submitted court reports on patients who were mandated by law (CA Prop-36) to be in treatment in order to comply with the courts requests




LACCD: LA City College (LACC)East L A College (ELAC)and L A Southwest College(LSWC)     02/08-present

Adjunct Professor of Psychology teaching: Intro to Psych, Biological Psych and Intro to Drugs and Alcohol/ Chemical Dependency Credentialing

·         Design lesson plans which introduce the science of psychology and develop a strong foundation in its’ many facets

·         Teach basic analytical thinking skills using a variety of media and technologies to help students maximize their research potential and writing skills using APA formatting

·         Provide educational experience and training to teach, supervise and evaluate students in clinical and educational areas including but not limited to the field work courses in Human Services Generalist and Drug and Alcohol Studies (CAADAC credentialed counselor)

·         Develop, evaluate and revise courses according to the student learning objectives in order to meet the needs of the student and community.

·         Facilitate and teach the fundamentals in the Group therapeutic process and continue to facilitate and build on that process according to group dynamics

·         Participate in professional development activities and curriculum development meetings, Human Services accreditation, and serving on college committees 

·         active participation in Psychology Department and campus meetings


McAlister High School, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                     06/06-09/06

History, Government, Health, Life Skills and Parenting Teacher, Grades 9-12

·         Design California Standardized contracts in an opportunities school to establish learning goals and to monitor progress

·         Promoted self-directed, reflective learning for all students in order to facilitate experiences-autonomy, interaction, critical thinking, and choice

·         Implement materials, resources, and technologies to make subject matter accessible to all students, including English Language learners and students with special needs  

·         Communicate with the student’s family involving them in their children’s education and fostering accountability




Central High Tri-C, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                         02/06-06/06

History, Math, English, Government, Health, Life Skills and Parenting Teacher, Grades 9-12

·         Established a learning environment that accommodated diverse physical, emotional, cultural, and linguistic needs of students using the California Standards to give them the foundational understanding of the subject matter

·         Effectively manage and respond to inappropriate student conduct to maintain a safe and studious work environment

·         Plan and implement classroom procedures and routines that support student learning, including transition between activities to maintain interest and flow

·         Worked closely with administrators, teachers and parents reporting on student progress and make adjustments when needed to enhance learning     


California Certified Teaching Credential, History, Grades 7-12                                                                        01/02-05/06

Substitute Teacher Los Angeles Unified School District (Schools listed on request).

·         Design lesson plans and curriculum based on California State Standards and Curriculum Frameworks

·         Foster student understanding through instructional strategies appropriate to subject matter

·         Teach basic analytical thinking skills through a variety of media and technologies

·         Develop insights into historical periods and cultures using social science concepts and themes connecting prior student knowledge, life experiences and interests

·         Provide and maintain clear academic and behavioral expectations, effectively implementing a discipline plan

·         Communicate with students and families regarding student progress

·         Works with staff, parents and community to improve professional practices



American Red Cross, Los Angeles, CA (Katrina Disaster)

Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire                                       



Los Angeles College Faculty Guild

American Psychological Association (APA)                                                   

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT)

Somatic Experience Practitioner                                                                           

United Teachers Association Guild

Domestic Violence Perpetrators, Credentialed (listed w/ LA County)*

California Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CADC-II)

National Association of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)

Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology, Member


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