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David A. Giem, M.D.

In Memory

Dr. Giem passed away on September 27, 2000. He will be greatly missed and mourned by many. He touched the lives of many adults and children. He was compassionate, caring, and an excellent physician. He was a great friend, father, grandfather, and husband. He laughed and played with us. He taught us much as a person and as a physician. He understood life and people in a way that gave us new insights and ideas that will continue to influence many of us for the years to come. He healed our bodies and our spirits. He knew when to poke fun at us and when to scold us when we needed to look at ourselves and learn.

Life was both sweet and painful for him. In times of plenty and times of pain he acted ethically and honestly, in his life and his profession. He understood the fleeting temporal nature of "things" and did what he felt was right, proper and moral. He led us. He taught us. He helped us. He loved us. He was wise, very wise. Thank you, David!

Dr. Giem served in the U.S. Navy from 1955-1958. After the Navy, he entered the University of Colorado studying Physics and Anthropology. He was advanced to medical school at the University of Colorado, completing his M.D. in 1965. He completed his Residency at Orange County General Hospital (UCI Medical Center) in 1966 and an additional Residency at USC Medical Center. He was licensed in California in 1966. Dr. Giem earned his Diplomate credential from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

During his many years of experience, in addition to his own private practice, Dr. Giem served as Medical Director for a variety of institutions including the Western Institute of Human Resources, La Habra Community Hospital Children's Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, College Hospital Youth Services, College Hospital, the Aspen Achievement Academy and Associated Therapists.

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