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Betsy Chung, Psy.D.
Voice Mail: (626) 872-3156
New clients, please call (714) 898-0362
Works in: Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos



Betsy Chung, Psy.D is a licensed clinical psychologist, and has been practicing psychotherapy for 7 years. She provides individual psychotherapy, family therapy and psychological assessment, and has had special training anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, skills training (specifically parenting and assertiveness), and adolescent psychology. Dr. Chung has worked in many different treatment settings including youth advocacy programs, in-patient psychiatric facilities, substance abuse day treatment programs, and community mental health clinics, and has treated populations of many different races, cultures, and ages. 


Through her work in various treatment settings, Dr. Chung has developed her own philosophy about mental health treatment and uses an integrative approach to therapy. She believes that an individual's present conflicts are typically a manifestation of deep-rooted early conflicts that were unresolved, and result in the development of unhealthy life patterns and distressing attitudes about the world that he or she lives in, in order to achieve a false senses of safety that impairs an individual from living a more fulfilling life. 


While Dr. Chung treats all of her clients unique to his or her own needs, she typically spends the first few sessions of therapy gathering information about her clients in order to gain a deep understanding of each clients' life experiences and current stressors that led them to seek treatment. With a better understanding of her clients' unique life experiences and needs, Dr. Chung collaborates with her clients to identify unhealthy habits and attitudes about their lives and develop treatment goals that will give way to more positive, effective, and lasting change. 


When working with clients, Dr. Chung tailors her treatment approaches in order to best fit her clients' needs and personal style. Dr. Chung fosters a safe and supportive environment for her clients to openly explore their personal experiences without judgment. She believes that therapy should be comfortable and candid, and therefore, uses a less formal communication style in order to promote what she believes to be a more genuine relationship with her clients. 


Below are some modalities of treatment that Dr. Chung integrates into her practice of psychology:


Assertiveness training

Dr. Chung believes that insecure attachments to earlier caregivers result in difficulties with boundary setting and poor problem solving skills. By gaining a deeper understanding of different styles of communication and relating to others, Dr. Chung helps her clients identify areas of their lives where boundaries are needed, and then teaches her clients the skills to getting needs met in a more effective manner. Substance abusers can benefit from assertiveness training by learning more effective coping skills to deal with unwanted problems, learning to select and develop healthier interpersonal relationships, and learning to set clear boundaries that help to reduce the occurrence of relapse.  


Positive Parenting Program

Dr. Chung is certified in the evidence based practice "Positive Parenting Program" (Triple P). Triple P is a short-term parenting treatment model designed to help parents manage misbehavior of young children and adolescents. The treatment model helps parents to develop more positive methods of parenting that result in parents' feeling of control over their own emotional responses to their children, and ultimately improve parent-child relationships. Those recovering from addiction may experience negative feelings such as frustration, shame, and guilt in their relationships with their children, therefore, Triple P helps parents develop more effective and consistent parenting strategies that will foster a safer and more predictable environment for their children. 


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Chung believes that an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all inter-related. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy helps a client to identify irrational automatic thoughts that affect feelings and behaviors, and through in-session and out-of-session skill development, an individual is better able to challenge his or her maladaptive assumptions about the world, and ultimately achieve a more adaptive world view. Substance abusers tend to have a negative perception of the world, which affect their emotions and in turn causes them to use substances to cope with those negative emotions. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy can help to break the cycle of substance abuse, and challenge negative thought processes that contribute to relapse. 


Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Dr. Chung is trained in TF-CBT, which is an evidence based treatment model designed for individuals who have experienced a life-threatening or traumatic incident, and currently struggle with physical and emotional affects of trauma. The goal of TF-CBT is to help an individual gain control over intrusive trauma reminders and automatic responses through desensitization and gradual exposure. TF-CBT is designed for adolescence and younger, but with adults, Dr. Chung borrows cognitive-behavioral management skills from this treatment model to help adults overcome traumatic experiences. Many times, painful and intrusive memories of traumatic experiences serve as a trigger to substance abuse, and may have been the reason to begin substance abuse, thus TF-CBT can help to identify those triggers, replace maladaptive coping skills with more effective ones, and challenge irrational assumptions about the world created by trauma experience. 


Seeking Safety

Dr. Chung is certified in the evidence based practice Seeking Safety, which is a treatment model designed to provide effective life skills to those in recovery of substance abuse resulting from a painful trauma. Each week of treatment introduces a new skill designed to develop a safer and healthier lifestyle, as well as collaborative development of weekly commitments with Dr. Chung to ensure active efforts toward recovery.


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