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The Carteles Story

These art deco magazine images were the covers of the weekly magazine "Carteles" published in Havana Cuba from 1919 through 1960. Dr Julio Guerra's uncle, Emilio De Mesa was a sports writer for this publication from mid 1941 through mid 1945 ... through the years of World War II. Cuba was one of our allies in the war. Mr. De Mesa fished with Ernest Hemingway and was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame for having introduced rod and reel fishing to Cuba.

The art on the cover pages was done by Mr Andres Garcia. He has been described as the Norman Rockwell of Cuba, but his work is reflective of the Vargas styles of the era. The war stamps on the cover and the descriptions of the articles within reflect the issues of the war. When Dr Guerra's uncle retired, the magazine gave him bound copies of the magazines in which his articles appeared. Dr. Guerra has had these books professionally unbound and the covers scanned into digital images.
Dr. Guerra operates a website dedicated to the sale of these prints.
Shipping of Prints to the U.S. Only

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