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Jennifer A. Boisvert, Ph.D. 

Clinical Psychologist CA License PSY 21459                  

Contact her by phone: 562.394.6645 


Offices: Long Beach, Huntington Beach 


Dr. Boisvert is licensed psychologist California (PSY 21459), specializing in eating disorders and weight disorders in women and men of all ages.  She is passionate about this specialty.  Dr. Boisvert’s unique background has included working with racial/ethnic and culturally diverse individuals. 


Dr. Boisvert’s other specialties include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, trauma, grief and loss, sexuality and LGBT issues, workplace and relationship issues, and life transition issues.  In the areas of anxiety disorders, trauma, grief and loss, Dr. Boisvert has worked with soldiers returning from combat, especially those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 


Dr. Boisvert is a scientist-practitioner who has authored numerous journal articles, book chapters, and research conference presentations.  Her expertise is cutting edge, allowing her to bring the most up-to-date, empirically-supported treatments to her specialty areas.  Dr. Boisvert’s scientific research background enables her to have a breadth and depth of knowledge and special insight and understanding of people’s problems. 


Dr. Boisvert trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, an empirically-supported treatment shown to be a highly effective treatment for a range of psychological disorders and medical problems.  She may adopt an integrated approach or use adjunct treatments to help treat you holistically, believing that health and wellness involves mental, physical, social and spiritual realms.  She brings special skills and strengths, sensitivity, warmth, understanding and compassion to her clinical work. 


Dr. Boisvert will work collaboratively with you to establish treatment goals and objectives, some of which may include increasing adaptive, rational and/or positive cognitions, behaviors and/or emotions, increasing level of functioning in social, occupational, educational or other areas, cultivating a positive sense of self-identity, promoting personal growth and development, fostering effective problem-solving and coping skills, expanding the capacity for work, love and creativity, and improving life satisfaction and quality.  She strives to empower you in therapy. 


Dr. Boisvert has enthusiasm and optimism for her clinical work.  She believes that hope can be a powerful tool, helping people to grow and heal, and move beyond fear, hopelessness and despair, toward joy, happiness and abundance in life.  She has a heart for alleviating human suffering. 


Dr. Boisvert believes that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is an essential element of her clinical work.  She offers a safe, comfortable, welcoming space in which you can explore painful experiences.  She is sensitive, understanding and caring.  She is gentle and patient in her style, working with you to develop an intimate, trusting, safe and professional relationship. 


Dr. Boisvert is especially gifted in building strong and sustained relationships with people.  Her openness, non-judgmental and respectful stance will permit you to be yourself, embracing your uniqueness and diversity.  She has had many wonderfully rewarding professional experiences working with women and men in therapy, many of whom were of diverse sexuality, race/ethnicity, economic status, disability, language and culture.  She welcomes opportunities to work with people of different backgrounds who are faced with difficult challenges and life circumstances. 


New clients, please call office number. Do not call therapist.
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